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Outstanding Services for Heavy Industries

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Reviewing and Developing Safety Management Systems and Plans

  • Analysis of current work practices and plans

  • Provision of suggested improvements

  • Develop plans for implementation and maintenance of currency.

  • Training of all workers impacted by plan.

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Principle Hazard Management Plan

  • Principle Control Plans

Safety Management Systems and Plans

Compliance Monitoring

  • Review of reporting practices

  • Identification of any gaps

  • Auditing

  • Environmental Compliance

  • Safety Compliance

  • Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Monitoring

Systems and Plant Audits

  • Review Plant against Standards and Design Guides

  • Review System expectations and requirements against performance

Systems and Plant Audits
Incident Investigation.jpg

Incident and Workplace Investigation

  • Tracking incidents

  • Conduct detailed investigation including interviews.

  • Final report including advice on response to workplace incident with future preventative measures

Incident Investigation

Governance and Policy

  • Tailored Governance Solutions

  • Policy Review

  • Policy Development

Governance and Policy.jpg
Governance and Policy
Coaching and Development
Coaching and Development.jpg

Coaching and Development

  • 1:1 Session – Coaching for Performance

  • 1:1 Session with leaders focussed on culture change.

  • 1:1 Session with leaders on identified development needs

  • Coaching leaders looking to obtain certificate of competence.

  • Group sessions with staff on identified training or development needs

Generalist Operational Advice

Generalist Operational Advice

  • Provision of advice to leaders or identified staff for specific business needs


Continuous Improvement

  • Analysis of current work practices

  • Provision of suggested improvements

  • Develop plan for implementation

Relief Management

Relief Management

  • Managing of business unit at times of position vacancies or management absence.

Continuous Improvement
Human Resources
Human Resources.jpg

Human Resources

  • Employee Relations Advice and Strategy

  • Policy Development

  • Leadership Development and Coaching

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